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Rack Servers

Tyan Thunder HX

Tyan's new Thunder HX systems offer uncompromising performance with support from the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors assisted by GPGPU accelerators.

Tyan Thunder HX FT77D-B7109 B7109F77DV14HR-2T-N Server

FA77-B7119 - Chassis Options:

FT48B-B7100 - Chassis Options:

FT83-B7119 - Chassis Options:

FT77D-B7109 - Chassis Options:

GA88-B5631 - Chassis Options:

Tyan Thunder SX

The Thunder SX server line deliver extraordinary performance, density and scalability using Intel Xeon Scalable processors for data center, enterprise business, and cloud applications.

Tyan Thunder SX TN70AB7106-B7106T70AU24V2HR Server

TN70A-B7106 - Chassis Options:

TN70E-B7106 - Chassis Options:

TN76-B7102 - Chassis Options:

GT86C-B5630 - Chassis Options:

GT62H-B7106 - Chassis Options:

FA100B7118 - Chassis Options:

Tyan Barebones Servers

With shared motherboard and chassis configurations, these Tyan Barebones systems can be easily customized to support your specific workload needs.

Tyan Barebones FT77CB7079 B7079F77CV10HR-N Server

FT77C-B7079 - Chassis Options:

TA80-B7071 - Chassis Options:

Tyan Transport HX

The Tyan Transport HX line features dual AMD EPYC series processors, and are designed for HPC, AI, and mission critical applications.

Tyan Thunder HX FT77D-B7109 B7109F77DV14HR-2T-N Server

TN83B8251 - Chassis Options:

TS75B8252 - Chassis Options:

TS75AB8252 - Chassis Options:

TN76AB8242 - Chassis Options:

GA88B8021 - Chassis Options:

Tyan Transport SX

The Tyan Transport SX supports a single AMD EPYC series processor ideal for software defined storage and streaming applications.

Tyan Transport SX TS65-B8253 B8253T65V10E4HR Server

TS65AB8036 - Chassis Options:

TS65B8253 - Chassis Options:

TS65B8036 - Chassis Options:

TN70EB8026 - Chassis Options:

TN70AB8026 - Chassis Options:

GT62FB8026 - Chassis Options:

Tyan Transport CX

The Tyan Transport CX servers support AMD EPYC series processors and are designed for scale-out applications and SDS for Data Centers.

Tyan Transport CX TN73-B8037 B8037T73X4-200PE4HR Server

TN73B8037 - Chassis Options:

GC68B8036-LE - Chassis Options:

GC68AB8036 - Chassis Options:

GC68AB8036-LE - Chassis Options:

Tower Servers

Tyan Transport HX Tower

Designed for HPC, AI, and mission critical applications, these Tyan Transport HX servers feature a tower form factor for SMBs and Edge applications.

Tyan Transport HX FT65TB8030 B8030F65TV8E2H-2T-N front view

FT65TB8030 - Chassis Options::

Item was exactly as described and arrived quickly. No complaints and would happily order from them again. ”

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